Each year, Rotary awards up to 100 fully funded fellowships for dedicated leaders from around the world to study at one of our peace centres.

Through academic training, practice, and global networking opportunities, the Rotary Peace Centres program develops the fellows into experienced and effective catalysts for peace. The fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and all internship and field-study expenses.

In just over a decade, the Rotary Peace Centres have trained more than 1,200 fellows. Many of them now serve as leaders at international organisations or have started their own foundations.

Our fellowships

Each year, The Rotary Foundation awards up to 50 fellowships for master’s degrees and 50 for certificate studies at premier universities.

  • Master’s degree programs: Accepted candidates study peace and development issues with research-informed teaching and a diverse student body. The program lasts 15 to 24 months and includes a 2-3 month field study, which participants design themselves.
  • Professional development certificate program: Experienced leaders gain practical tools for promoting peace and international development during an intensive, 3- month program, which includes 3 weeks of field study and peer learning opportunities with a diverse group.

Discover more about Rotary Peace Fellowships
and the work of Peace Fellows around the world.

Rotary Peace Fellows in Oxfordshire

Recently two Peace Fellows from Bradford University visited some Oxfordshire schools. Here are some responses:

From Bicester Secondary School

“The assembly today was interesting and I was wondering if I could get the emails of the speakers and the school that they attended as I may have more questions and I found it pretty interesting.”

Lucan Goff – student

“I’m very pleased you found the assembly so interesting – I thought we heard some of the most inspiring speakers we’ve ever welcomed to our assemblies. It has certainly left me with a lot to think about as I go about my daily life.

I’m copying in our contact in the Rotary who should be able to help you contact Hassan and Camilla.

In the meantime, Lucan, would you be able to write a few sentences about the assembly and its impact on you, for the school website?”

Mrs Rosier – teacher

From St Michael’s CE Aided Primary School

“Thank you very much for facilitating the event last Friday, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves – at least most of us did – there were a handful of children who did not want to be there but we expected that. It was an amazing opportunity to see top class musicians in action.

Judith Davies – Administrative Manager


“We met at the rehearsal for the Oxford World Orchestra for Peace concert. It was a fabulous day, and I hope the concert proper went well.

I talked to you about Rotary initiatives to support students wanting to study peace and peacebuilding.

Our centre at Brookes, Centre for Development and Emergency Practice, has a new masters course, Humanitarian Action in Peacebuilding.

I wondered if it would be possible to see if there was alignment between our course and Rotary.”

Charles Parrack – Parent of one of the primary school children

Rotary Peace Fellows visit Oxfordshire schools
Rotary Peace Fellows visit Oxfordshire schools
Rotary Peace Fellows visit Oxfordshire schools

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